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NIVEL Primario/Secundario

charles dickens

“Charles Dickens, The Musical”

Obra musical homenajeando al gran escritor inglés

en el aniversario 200 de su nacimiento


A group of teenage friends get together one evening, as they usually do once a week, to talk about the things they like, their hobbies, their pursuits … to talk about their lives and their dreams!

This time, they discover that it is not just any old day in their lives … but rather it is a very special day and that, unbeknownst to all of them, it will be a day that will mark their lives forever; through shared dreams and great tales they are going to tell us a story that will endure over time …

While playing a game, these four friends Jane, Mary, Patrick and Mike enjoy an unimaginable adventure…. and celebrate a very special birthday……

200 years following the birth of Charles Dickens, this group of friends will play several of his most famous characters, taken from the books where they belong, they will start to play…. to sing, to dream…. and in turn plunge us into the life of this magnificent writer, journeying through his most famous tales and conveying the socio-cultural conditions experienced in London in the mid Nineteenth Century.

Get ready to go on this marvelous literary journey!

Duración: 45 minutos aprox. (*)

NIVEL Primario/Secundario


“Samurai, a new beginning”

Obra musical en un acto


In the year 654, a remarkable event paralyzes the streets of Tokyo. An audition for courageous young men, with exceptional talent for the martial arts is being held in the Imperial Palace. All the candidates will try to win Princess Mit-Zu’s love. The Imperial Princess is the only heiress to the throne.

The Emperor died a few months ago, leaving the young princess alone to shoulder the heavy burden of responsibility for the welfare of their subjects. She will be the first woman to rule the Empire. But, she must get married before being crowned.

Kio, a young student who has come all the way from Kyoto seeking for adventure, decides to do the audition. He is helped by Kim, an imperial assistant. On the other hand, Sho-Mu, a likeable but rather ambitious imperial guard, will interfere with Kio’s work. Sho-Mu had the trust of the late Emperor and is now responsible for the security of the imperial palace as well as for the royal family’s safety. Kim and Sho-Mu have been brought up in the palace and have always had a friendly relationship.

Kio faces huge challenges while trying to reach his goal. He embarks on adventures that help him disco ver his hidden talents and learn the value of deep friendship and true love.

In the end, and above all, he will discover what to be a Samurai means…

Duración: 45/50 minutos aprox. (*)

“Sing A Christmas Carol”

Cristmas carolers

Concierto de Villancicos Navideños

3 cantantes

Una soprano, un tenor y un barítono…

Concierto en el que se abordan las canciones navideñas más representativas como “jingle bells”, “Silent Night”, “Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer” y muchas más!

Un espectáculo musical que emociona a grandes y a chicos!

Duración: 40 minutos aprox. Ideal para fiestas de fin de año en colegios, empresas, clubes y fiestas privadas.(**)

Todas nuestras propuestas cuentan con soporte técnico (sonido & luces) propios.

*Incluye Activity Book y Lyrics (Cuadernillo de actividades adaptable a todo nivel de enseñanza, y letras de canciones) para trabajar antes y después de ver los espectáculos. Obras teatrales originales.

**Incluye Lyrics

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