PASTUDIO receives New York vocal coach, singer, songwriter and pianist Ruth Levy for a Master Class


On Tuesday, March 12th 2016, PASTUDIO.COM was honored to have Ruth Levy, New York TOTAL SINGER SUPPORT founder, singer, songwriter and pianist offer one of her MASTER CLASSES to a select group of women.



During this memorable event, various participants, who were selected randomly by Ruth, were able to sing a song they had prepared while receiving personalized coaching from Ruth.



During the Master Class, many aspects of singing and vocal performance were covered, including:

Healthy technique, handling stage fright, staying present, making a song authentically your own, practicing efficiently, connecting with yourself and your audience and moving through emotional blocks to self-expression



PASTUDIO.COM hopes to share more experiences such as this with Ruth and highly recommends her services to anyone travelling to NYC.



You can contact Ruth at:

Many thanks to our vocal coach and dear friend Cecilia Berreta for recommending Ruth to PASTUDIO.

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