PASTUDIO Free workshop on Audition Technique

PASTUDIO audition workshop tutti

On Saturday July 30th 2016, PASTUDIO held its first free workshop aimed at professional development for Junior and Intermediate students.

This is a brief outline of what they saw and the names and songs of the selected PASTUDIO students who performed and shared their talent and artistic skills:

  • Why audition technique?
    1. Because it is one of the most important moments in an actor’s life as this is where and when you are chosen or not to do your job.
    2. Slating and the 20 odd assumptions Directors make.
  • Why Singing Interpretation?
    1. Because it’s not really about the singing, but very much about the story-telling.
  • Objective of this workshop: To give participants tips on auditioning and insight into how a Casting Director sees actors who audition.
  • Some things Directors care about when you audition and do singing interpretation:
    1. Pitch
    2. Volume
    3. Color
    4. Use of voice
    5. Swing
    6. Timing/ with PBK – as opposed to piano accompaniment
    7. Pronunciation
    8. Use of Space / as opposed to standing in your place
    9. High Stakes
    10. Acting truthfully
    11. Staging
    12. Memory
  • The candidates
    1. Martina Millet (Stitches)
    2. Julia Gronberger (I know where I’ve been – From Hairspray)
    3. Tomás Sánchez (Empty Chairsat Empty Tables – From “Les Miz”)
    4. Cecilia Mendez (I know where I’ve been – From Hairspray)
    5. Diana Balsa (Proud of your boy- From “Alladin”)
    6. Federico Buschittari (Proud of your boy – From “Alladin”)
    7. Dante Oliva (Believe from “The Book of Mormon”)
    8. Juan Pablo Ulens (All of Me)
    9. Francesca Naon (There are worst things I could do – From “Grease”)
  • Ayelén De La Rosa (There are worst things I could do – From “Grease”)
  • 26 Reasons why you didn’t get the part.
  • Mistakes: They are part of it. Don’t freeze or stop.

My sincere congratulations on the quality of performance, the dedication and generosity that each particpant showed throughout the workshop and the respect, attention and enthusiasm shown by the students who came in order to better their performance skills.

Cristian Hansen
Founder and General Director


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