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This year, PASTUDIO celebrated its 3rd USA TOUR to NYC and New York Film Academy with 14 students.
We took an all-girl group this time and the ladies proved to be hard workers and dedicated artists.

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On day one, we shopped around for special performance wear, other articles that the students needed and went sightseeing as the “Big Apple” greeted us with beautiful springy weather.
The following days, were spent studying at NYFA for approximately 9 hours a day, going to see Broadway shows (THE LION KING, MATILDA, WICKED) and touring NYC.

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NYFA organised backstage tours for us with faculty members Christopher Warren (playing “SCAR” in THE LION KING) and Geoff Packard (playing “THE ILLUSIONIST” in MATILDA); and so our PASTUDIO students were able to see exactly how things work behind the scenes in these major Broadway musicals.

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There was time for a nice meal at the HARD ROCK CAFÉ, a city tour on THE RIDE and another beautiful get together with our friends from MCC THEATRE to watch “UNCENSORED” and enjoy a talk-back with their talented actors after the performance.

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We were all very captivated by the impressive lectures that NYFA faculty carried out during our exclusive one-week Musical Theatre Workshop and slept very little during our stay in NYC as outings to the theatre, homework, preparation for our final showcase, sightseeing, and shopping made free time scarce.


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Our NYFA classes included the following subjects and Broadway veteran faculty:
Acting & Improvisation with T.J. Mannix
Ballet with Chad Austin
Jazz & Staging with Michelle Potterf
Performance Lab with Karen Elliott
Modern Dance & Ballet with Sara Antkowiak
Voice Lab with Nathan Brewer
Jazz with Deidre Goodwin
Hip Hop with Matt Lopez
Rehearsal, Staging & Showcase presentation with Rob Schneider
Live Pianist in classes and showcase presentation: Frank Lindquist

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I am very grateful to Jack Newman (Director of Outreach and Development at NYFA), Mark Olsen (Chair of Musical Theatre at NYFA), Christopher Warren, Goeff Packard, TJ, Chad, Michelle, Karen, Sara, Nathan, Diedre, Matt, Rob, Frank, Carrie Azano and Lauren Annunziata from MCC Theatre, Jordan Dragutsky, Alex Sivirichi, Erica and Angie (film crew), Frank Pasquine, Martín de Eugenio (Auquinco Travel) and all of the wonderful people who helped make our third tour to NYC and NYFA a positive, unforgettable learning experience.

Cristian Hansen
Founder and General Director

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