PASTUDIO.COM was founded in 1994
by Cristian E. Hansen (photo) and Ezequiel Caride.



Cristian Hansen was born in Argentina on 21st of July 1959, and at the age of five moved to the U.S. with his family.

He started his studies in Music and Drama early in life. At the age of 10 he was singing in the school choir in Connecticut (U.S.A) and by the time he was 12, he was already getting leading roles in plays and musicals that were staged at school.

He also studied music with Tony Corsello, one of the last of the big band era and later started playing in pop bands. When Cris, who is of Danish / Argentine descent, moved back to Argentina with his family, he continued his studies in Music and Drama and, after graduating from St. Andrew’s Scots School (High School) began the professional circuit as a singer.

He was later offered a recording contract with Music Hall Records as the artist Malvaho.

 His first LP hit gold in 1980 as well as his third in 1984.

Being the leader of the group, and having a theatrical background as well, Cris also staged his own shows, that were presented all over Argentina.

When Malvaho broke up, Cris went back into teaching and got a formal National teaching degree.

He continued both his artistic and educational development, seeking to perfect himself and his shows. 

His readings and further studies include Strasberg, Hagen, Stanislavsky and the Colon Theatre (Bs. As.).

He has directed over 100 Amateur shows including: EVITA, WEST SIDE STORY, THE SOUND OF MUSIC, JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT, MY FAIR LADY, PIPPIN, ME AND MY GIRL, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR-HIGHLIGHTS, CABARET, and has been training both teachers and actors for over 30 years. 

In 1994, with Argentina going through economic hardships, the time seemed inappropriate to begin any type of a studio at all, but with faith in a unique educational approach plans were made and carried out to open PASTUDIO!!

1995 was a success and since then The Performing Arts Studio has done nothing but grow!

At the end of a successful 1996 Ezequiel Caride decides to seek new horizons,but continues to participate in various projects.

In 1998 Cris Hansen opens the three year career course at St Catherine’s Moorlands Belgrano. He played “The Phantom” in The Phantom of the Opera (Bs.As.) on both amateur and professional stages.

 In 2000 Cris is hired to write the original music and lyrics for a feature length animated movie. He also played “Peron”in Evita (Bs. As.).

In 2001 Cris Hansen writes and stages the successful Musical “Hollywood Nunca Conoció el Tango”. In 2001 he also develops “ASTRODOMI” an original cartoon superhero for children to learn more about space , the universe and conservation.

In 2002 Cris Hansen writes and stages the successful Musical  “Dias de Gloria” and two new Drama Teachers/ Directors graduate: Valeria Marini and Virginia Pereda.

In 2003 Cris Hansen is promoted to General Headmaster (EGB) at Bluebell -Pilar

In 2004 Cris Hansen develops Smart-talk, opens up Recreational activities and 4 new courses. Playgroup, Role-playing, Yachting and Singing.

In 2005 Cristian Hansen becomes the Primary Head of St.Gregory’s College, Buenos Aires and stages the most succesful children’s musical in Zona Norte; “Un Cascanueces”with P.A.S graduate Valeria Marini.

In 2006, the senior course in spanish and another professional musical is produced; “En Busca de Anastasia”.

In 2007, Cris develops Band classes for PAS, a NEW RADIO PROGRAMME and decides to relocate the studio to ensure excellent working conditions for all teachers and students.

In 2008 Cris begins the new radio programme “No Nos Guardamos Nada” at 91.3 FM on Tuesdays from 10.00 PM – 11.00PM with partners Valeria Marini and Francisco Paz and continues working for multinational companies in consulting. He also opens up another junior course and takes on new staff as the studio grows!! He stages “La Biblia” with legendary rock group “Vox Dei”.

Along with Diego Sarquis and master violinist Claudio Keller, PASTUDIO also opens up its music school starting with violin lessons

In 2009, Cris continues to innovate by opening up an original course in movie-making for adults in addition to the successful violin lessons started the previous year.

In 2010, PAS continues with its traditional courses and begins guitar lessons, the new “Pro-Clip” course for singers/actors and offers services related to film making.

In 2011, Cristian leaves his job as Head of Primary, opens up PASTUDIO Martínez, Vicente López and Pilar, hires many new staff members and takes PASTUDIO to the next level.

He also becomes an authorized representative of the NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY

In 2012, PASTUDIO.COM opens branches in USAL (Pilar), Paseo Pilar and Le Dance (Pacheco) and becomes Authorized Representatives of New York Vocal Coaching. We also launch our first USA TOUR to NYFA and organize our first Master Class with renowned Teatro Colón Regie and two time “ACE” winner, Peter MacFarlane.


In 2013, PASTUDIO joins RH Entertainment group for joint ventures in workshops and schools for shows as well as opening up new courses in martinez and Vicente López. We continue to visit NYFA and the USA and restage  our original professional production of “En Busca de Anastasia”.

web PASTUDIO Anastasia elenco y produccion 2013

In 2014, PASTUDIO totals 300 students from age 5 onward studying Musical Theatre, Acting for film and Performing Arts. We also organize the next USA TOUR to continue offering the highest quality hands-on experience for each of our students and stage over 12 shows with our students.

select 10

In 2015, with 400 students, PASTUDIO opens up it’s very own exclusive “zona norte” headquarters in Vicente López and develops new courses in Filmmaking and Advanced Acting for Film. We also organize festivals, open houses and Master classes with the best pro’s in Argentina.

PASTUDIO Vicente LopezPASTUDIO sala principal

In 2016 PASTUDIO moves it’s Martínez branch to the CENTRO CULTURAL SAN ISIDRO and begins Advanced Scene Study with Actress/ Director Belén Hofmann

In 2017, Cris Hansen is hired to write, stage and direct “The Dark Side of the Wall” featuring Alan Parson’s Project lead singer P.J. Olsson

Cris Hansen and Sofía Hansen also chaperon another group of PASTUDIO students to NYFA for an intensive one-week course on Musical Theatre with Broadway Veterans


In 2017 , Cris also became an Official Representative of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA)

In 2018, Cris teamed up with coauthor and drummer Gastón Guillen to restage The Dark Side of the Wall featuring PJ Olssen at the Gran Rex Theatre.

He also wrote a new musical with Nuria Angles (“Rescate en Ha Ho Ho”) and staged and Directed the show for the winter season at the Centro Cultural San Isidro.

in 2019 Cris, Sofia Hansen, Cecilia Capurro and Agustín López take a group of 21 PASTUDIO students to NYFA  NYFA USA TOUR LINK

Cris also publishes his first book entitled “Escolaridad Sin Miedo” with coauthor Dr. Andrea Murano

Cris starts PASTUDIO PODCAST – Arte y Educación – Notas Culturales on Spotify

In 2020, despite the PANDEMIC, PASTUDIO presented all shows and shot all scenes with protocols, making our students’ DREAMS come true. PASTUDIO also STREAMED The Dark Side Of The Wall Internationally.

In 2021, PASTUDIO celebrates another USA TOUR TO NYFA Miami South Beach for Acting For Film and comes back to the theatres with audiences present.

PASTUDIO also starts an OPEN USA TOUR project for schools and interested parties who are not regular students.

In 2022, PASTUDIO organizes another USA TOUR to NYFA NYC to study Musical Theatre and begins plans to start PASTUDIO SPAIN and PASTUDIO PARAGUAY.

CRISTIAN HANSEN’S professionalism, foresight and training will always ensure successful results


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