SMART TALK, Oratoria en inglés

 CPSE- Communication and Presentation Skills in English

Professor Cristian Hansen has been working in education, business and performing arts for many years.

  • He was chosen as international training consultant for LGI and DGA and associates
  • He has worked as one of the executive selection consultants at Compass Consulting
  • He was hired to train employees on communication skills at Axoft and has also worked for Ott College and Junior Achievement Argentina on various occasions.
  • He has privately tutored executives and scholars to prepare international seminars and presentations and has developed a tried and proven course on communication skills, public speaking and making effective presentations.

This 3 month workshop in English includes one 90 minute class a week with a theoretical introduction and practical applications demanding student involvement every class.

Students finish the course once they have attended 75% of the classes and mastered presentation techniques in any field of interest they choose.

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Presentations, Public Speaking and Anxiety
  • Audience Analysis for presentations
  • How to Deal with a Hostile Client
  • Elements Of An Effective Speech or Presentation
  • Speech Preparation
  • Corporate Etiquette
  • Job Interviews
  • Making Phone calls and Cold Calling
  • Using External Aids for Presentations
  • The Use of gestures in Communicating ideas
  • Making the most of Transitions
  • Aspects to deal with when preparing and making presentations
  • Planning and Preparing an Effective Oral Presentation
  • Making a great first impression
  • Effective use of the body
  • What not to do during your presentation
  • Better speaking techniques for better presentations
  • Troubleshooting – What to do when things go wrong

Other courses include: ONE DAY WORSHOPS, PRIVATE SESSIONS or tailor made programs to meet your specific needs!

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