¡Master Class Con Peter MacFarlane!

Tutti Master class final 2016

Una experiencia única que solo PASTUDIO te ofrece!

 MEA 27

¡Me enCANTA ACTUAR! : Este workshop teórico-práctico está diseñado para darle nuevas herramientas a personas que tienen un poco de experiencia o recién comienzan a transitar el camino hacia la participación activa en comedias musicales.

Objetivos: Que el participante pueda tener un conocimiento básico de las técnicas actorales y vocales necesarias para continuar estudiando comedia musical más profundamente y/o poder desenvolverse mejor en shows. El curso también cumple una función niveladora para alumnos con cierta experiencia.

Como representantes autorizados de New York Film Academy (NYFA) y The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA), ambas instituciones nos brindan workshops gratuitos para nuestros alumnos anualmente.




CRis Conferencia Chile 2010 web

1)      Classroom Management: How important are the first days of school for students and teachers, and what effect will these days have on the rest of the school year? This presentation focuses on answering these questions, discussing the work and findings of Harry and Rebecca Wong regarding classroom management and effective teaching, and enabling participants to develop original material and tools to use at each of their schools in order to better academic and non-academic results. (90 minutes)

2)      Blogging: an innovative tool to enhance teaching in primary school: Blogging was developed as an innovative way of extending primary classrooms beyond their physical boundaries while fostering interaction between students, parents and teachers by means of a tool which digital natives find extremely fun and easy to work with. In this workshop, participants will get an in depth idea of how the project started, continues to grow and how schools can develop similar tools or their own e-learning platforms. (90 minutes)

3)       Let’s stage it: This 3 hour workshop focuses on helping teachers stage concerts, plays, shows or “Actos Escolares”. All parts of the production are addressed and practised. From choosing or writing the script to staging, lighting and sound plots. The workshop can be organised around an existing project to ensure better results in the school production or centred around a hypothetical production presented by the facilitator.

4)      Smart Talk: Workshop for Heads, Heads of department or staff to teach them how to make successful presentations in public. Can be a standalone 2-3 hour session (depending on amount of people) or a series of sessions to perfect all types of presentational skills.

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