Everything was set…PASTUDIO SENIOR students from Martinez and Pilar were all present with a few selected students from the PASTUDIO USA TOUR to NYFA and some Intermediates to witness a great event.

Yes, it was the first time that PETER MAC FARLANE, Disney representative in South America, Reggie fron the Teatro Colon and two time ACE winner on Corrientes Street (Argentina’s version of Broadway) ever gave a MASTER class at PASTUDIO or anywhere else in Argentina.

Peter, one of the greatest, most respected Directors of Musical Theatre and expert on staging shows, and Operas gave a two hour, fascinating lecture on singing interpretation, the history of Musical Theatre and text analysis.

Cris Hansen, Founder and General Director at PASTUDIO kicked the evening off by asking Peter some personal questions so that the students present could get to know more about the man behind the myth and during the thrilling event, some students were actually invited to go up on stage and interact with Peter while showing what they knew about singing interpretation. Peter corrected them, kept sharing his vast knowledge on the subject and before anyone realized, two hours had passed and it was time to call it a day.

Thank you, Peter Mac Farlane, for your kindness, generosity and for recommending PASTUDIO since we began in 1994!

We hope to have you with us again soon as YOU ARE THE ARGENTINE ROLE MODEL to follow in Musical Theatre.

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